ADIL has a varied range of clients who are borrowers who submit applicants for financing of different projects. These are governments or governmental entities, banks, entrepreneurs into constructions or Real Estates, companies into import and export of goods, Churches, contractors with award letters to execute projects, companies and enterprises (legally registered entities)…with good projects supported by good documents 

We encourage all applicants to think of securities they trade with our financing facility because any loan attracts collateral. We accept Sovereign or bank Guarantee from government, which in most cases are accompanied by Letter of Comfort from the minister of Finance. We accept bank guarantee in forms of Standby Letter of Credit ( SBLC) from top ranking banks. We accept treasury Bonds and other forms of securities that can be discussed with the applicants based on the nature of the project. However, the experience we have showed just a few can have a good SBLC and we have resorted to requesting for an upfront payment ouf of which, we arrange an SBLC on the behalf of the client and registraton fees , which is far lower compared to the cost of a standard SBLC or any other Bank Guarantee. The payable for each amount requested depends on the amount of loan being requested 

No. Any project that has all that we are looking for is good to go. However much preference is given to projects into mining, construction, banking, industries, aviation, agro-transformation project and farming, etc. A project is placed under our scrutiny before it is accepted for funding. Not all submitted projects are accepted for funding.

We can coach them through our project development and design services to help them come up with adequate documents needed. This is done to elevate them to the status which can make their project get accepted for financing. we have complementary services that can assist them have those documents updated. 

There is no other charges that is demanded apart of the required registration and collateral fees , which are fixed for each amount being requested. After this is paid no other money is asked to be paid. Consultancy fees are paid by the Borrower to the consultants upon receipt of funds. 

Based on the project and the nature of its activities, the lender will from time to time send a delegation on the ground to check on the ongoing activities.

To have an international funding require the applicant to have all project documents ready. These can be award letters from the awarding authority if is a contractor who bid and won the project. This is accompanied by a guarantee from the government clearly showing how he or she will be paid and a comfort letter from the minister of finance attesting that in due course the contractor will be paid in accordance with the signed awarding contract with the government. Other requirements from the contractor include projects designs, all descriptive documents that clearly tell about the projects in its entirety.  If there is any further scrutiny that needs to be made during the due diligence, the applicant is informed on what to add or to make available in case what was submitted is not sufficient

There are number of guarantees that are always required when contracting the international funding for a  project. This security, termed as Guarantee, depends on the nature of the project, the applicant and the location (country of origin of the financier or the applicant). Mostly  , the standby letter of Credit, Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantee , letter of comfort from ministry of finance, Mining title, treasury Bonds, some forms of commitment fees , etc all are acceptable  securities that can either be waved or enhanced by a financier depending on the quantum of the finance being contracted.

No, the project we finance will have to demonstrate some level of readiness in terms of preparation, documentation, valid and acceptable guarantee and be a good project contributing to the development of the country of empowering the vulnerable in the society. Projects whose activities undermine public security and morality are not financed by our office

Once the documentations are ready and of a good quality, the procedure is very simple and fast. If one has already an SBLC, when the lenders approved the project, all that the applicant has to do is to sign the loan agreement contract and transfer either the sovereign or bank guarantee to the lenders’ company and the funds disbursement process start and within 30 days, the applicant should have the money in the account.
Note that it is not all times that the SBLC is needed or accepted. Each project and each client is unique and the form of guarantee can change from project to project. 

The term sheet is given by the lender, clealy indicating all the requirements and conditions attached to the financing agreement. It shows what is the interest rate, the grace period, the kind of security being demanded and if there is any other precedent conditions, commissions and intermediary fees , it is mentioned in a term sheet that the applicant has to approve and sign before the actual contract is finally signed. The term sheets once agreed upon, it serves as a reference  to the dratf of the final loan agreement

Yes,  we sign partnership agreement for some particular projects, though it is not usual. This is mostly those into mining. Partnership arrangement can be made. We are currently not accepting JOINT VENTURE PROJECTS 

Our procedures are simple:

  1. Application by sending a Letter of Intent ( LOI) 
  2. We reply and send our requirements per the nature of the proposed projects 
  3. The borrower will submit all the required documentations for study, to determine the elegibility of the project 
  4. If found eligible, after due diligence has been made, a loan contract is proposed, signed and duly notarized and an invoice is  issued for fees payment 
  5. Physical inspection where applicable: The lender may conduct a physicak inspection to ensure that the project proposed truly exist ( this depend on the natire of project) 
  6. Payment of fees or submission of the Banking instrument ( payment of fees is sent to the account shown in the contract 
  7. Disbursment of funds: After reception of all required fees or banking instruments, the disbursment starts 
  8. Monitiring and Evaluation: after funds have been received, from time to time, the financiers checks on the performance of the projects

After the borrower has received the money, they can start the execution of the project till they start paying the  loan off after the grace period. There will be periodic visits on site for monitoring and evaluation. 

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