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To have one’s project financed through international loan facilities is quite demanding in terms of documentations.  Documentation is a key as lenders may not be first moved on how great the project title sounds. Though no pitching is needed, one  must have few things in place, being the requirements always demanded.


Projects that are accepted under our financing system must adhere to our set procedures and before a financing agreement is finally concluded, some steps might have been completed with  no compromise.


key investment sectors

ADIL intervenes in unlimited number of areas but much attention is given to specific areas and sectors. These are areas easily financed by our financing systems despite the fact that, any other one can be considered upon presenting good projects  falling within set parameters. 


The mining industry is the easily financed sector by our programs simply because it has  immediate returns  due to its ready  market and low risks upon production.  

Infrastructural Development

Governments and some social institutions such as churches, universities and other educational institutions may have a  need to improve or expand infrastructures, ( Roads, public infrastructures, hostels,  or staff lodging etc.)


Farming can also be an interesting sector if the project is well designed with well laid down market segmentation. This is mostly for export commodity when in some instances there are off-takers agreement reached and proven  ready markets

Real Estate and construction

Developers who establish social housing to offer accommodation of putting up structures to offer contracted accommodation or housing for sale to a ready market are considered for our loan programs

Manufacturing and industry

Manufacturing industries with well segmented markets are considered for loans.  These are industries seeking to expands production and establishing transformation and value addition components to their products to enhance markets.

Transportation, travel and tourism industry

Transportation industry has great investment potentials if well designed and entrepreneurs demonstrating a good business plan in the transportation industry, being aerial , maritime or terrestrial are considered for the loan.

Importers and exporters businesses

ADIL offers loan facility to those into accepted commodity exports and imports. These are businesses with contracts to supply their customers or exports their goods to their foreign customers.  This is a service which is in line with ADIL’s ideals to foster easy trade and commerce in Africa. 

Banking, Microfinance, financial institutions

Banks, Microfinance and other relevant financial institutions are funded to recapitalize their operations. Upon presenting a loan request supported with good documentations,  we usually consider them 

Ongoing Projects

Equatorial Guinea

A private company won the project to construct an omni-sport stadium and roads construction  in Equatorial Guinea and ADIL is facilitating the funding of this project.


Mining project

Two Burundian mining companies are being assisted to acquire all necessary funding to revolutionalize the mining sector in Burundi. These compagnies  will install  modern mining sites and modern equipments to increase production and offer jobs to as many youth as possible in the mining sector 


Cement Factory construction

A Ghanain Company is embarking on cement factory construction and is being assisted by ADIL to secure all necessary funding to establish the factory and complement the existing efforts in the country to increase availability, hence affordability of cement products. 

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