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The following are thematic areas of our key services. Tailored to suit everyone's need, these services offer a complete guidance and are designed to assist one to start from scratch to minimisee all possible risk of all kinds in one's business

Solar energy solutions

ADIL has since its inception conducted and contracted consultancy services in the use of Solar System energy to solve lighting issues on high-ways of urban roads in cities from the government.  Endowed with renowned technological advancement with the solar energy technology, ADIL offers customized services to a varied range of prospective clients, being governments, individual entrepreneurs or corporate Institutions. Specialized in the intelligent traffic management and security, ADIL stands out when it comes to solar energy solutions

Containers k
General Trading , procurement and logistical supply

ADIL has been a reliable suppliers of high quality equipment and logistics used in general construction and in other areas. Serving as a manufacturers’ representative in Africa, ADIL lessens the burden of importers with less capacity (both financial and administrative) to have desired goods shipped and delivered to them with less hustle.

Aviation services

Together with our partners we are bringing on board an innovative airline services blending commercial and private jets for individual customers and traditional air lifting of passengers to a wide of range of exotic destination worldwide. The services is coming to ease issues related to rapid medical evacuation, emergency travel for high level businesses, etc.

Real Estates, Constructions and engineering services

ADIL has a specialized department into housing projects where we assists Real Estates developers to not only acquire necessary funding , but get civil engineering services providing professional architectural drawings and quantity surveying data providing informed Bill of Quantities, well designed Business Plans allowing them to have easy to access international funding. ADIL's roles is to prepare these entrepreneurs to equipment them with what is needed and required by international lenders and financiers.

Financing services

ADIL with its international partners extends customized funding opportunities for well deserving investment projects in Africa. ADIL has leased with world financing organizations and companies (Financiers) who fund a variety of projects. ADIL walks through prospects borrowers, all requirements needed, assist its clients to prepare and make available these requirements. Applications for funding are made through ADIL, which in returns scrutinize the submitted files to get informed about who among our partners is ready to handle a particular funding request

Specialized services for businesses

ADIL has complementary services in the main three domain areas. These services are mostly offered to companies, organizations, institutions and enterprises seeking for international loan facilities but lack supportive documents needed to meet requirements. 

Business services

ADIL has specialized departments that assist business owners to get some crucial documents always needed during loan application from us or from other international lenders 

Financial services

Clients who need to present any of the following bank instruments,  are assisted by our services to easily obtain one through  our partners.

Ingineering Services

Some investors with good business ideas may need to get started but lack expertise to produce key documents which are at times demanded by loan providers and ADIL assist in times of need.

What can we do for you ?

You have a good business idea and you do not know how to get started? You have a project and you lack professional skills to make your idea sell to investors? You may not know how to come up with those documentations being demanded by lenders. You may have any other services you trust we can handle for you. Just book an appointment and speak to us. We can be of a help today 

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